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Our Philosophy

The value of expression in human movement is profound.  Athletes express themselves physically in sports.  Sports participation can be a type of classroom, offering athletes the opportunity to develop their skills.  Hawaiian Mission Academy desires to enhance personal ability, positive self management, a love of fairness, and responsibility to God's creation in each student.

An interscholastic program generates a high level of student interest.  It allows us to move outside ourselves, interact with others, and better understand our similarities and differences.  The interest and interaction is more easily achieved through interaction with outside teams.  Hawaiian Mission Academy's mission is to live like Jesus, learning, loving, leading.  Athletics can contribute to this mission by showing the character of Christ on the court, learning positive characteristics in practices, loving fellow teammates, visiting schools, and leading in showing sportsmanship through all games.  The hope of HMA Athletics is to provide a constructive channel for physical expression and opportunities for students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members to share experiences.

Our Sports

Hawaiian Mission Academy offers the following sports teams:


Varsity Girls' Volleyball

Intermediate Girls' Volleyball


Varsity Boys' Basketball 

Intermediate Boys' Basketball

Varsity Girls' Basketball

Intermediate Girls' Basketball


Varsity Boys' Volleyball

Intermediate Boys' Volleyball

Junior Varsity Co-ed Golf

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Athletic Calendar